The establishment of the European Network of Active Living for Mental Health

The second day of the 2nd partners’ meeting was dedicated exclusively to the Constituent General Assembly of the European Network of Active Living for Mental Health – ENALMH.

The Statute of the Network was approved by the founding members, as the works of the assembly dictated and afterward the Managing Board members’ election took place, with the final results being:

  • President: Vasilis Klissouras, Professor of Sport Science of the University of Athens, GR
  • Vice President: Alexandros Oikonomou, Psychologist, KSDEO EDRA (GR)
  • Treasurer: Mara Morici, Political Scientist, COOS MARCHE (IT)
  • Secretary: Nicola Daily, MA in European Union Studies, Merseyside Expanded Horizons (UK)
  • Members: Jan Drobny, social worker, Focus-Praha, (CZ), Dave Reid, MSc Psychotherapy, First Fortnight Ltd. (IE)

Nicos Andreopoulos, the project manager of M.E.N.S., was voted unanimously as the General Secretary with the duties to carry out the official processes for the Network’s establishment in Brussels, Belgium, as it was also decided that the EU capital will also host the legal seat of the Network. The geographical scope of its activities includes the countries which are members of the Council of Europe. The Managing Board that was elected ensures a wide representation in an european level.

The main goals of the Network are:

  • Enrichment of the therapeutic procedures of mental health services with the good use of sport and physical exercise for the users.
  • Strengthening of social cohesion by combating stigma of the mentally ill people.
  • Emerging of Sport and Physical Exercise as a fundamental parameter to the prevention of mental health problems
  • Support and realization of sport events and physical activities for Mental Health by its members
  • Contribution in research and educative processes which aim to clarify and extend the connections between Mental Health and the fields of Sport and Physical Exercise.
  • Support the rights of the mental health services users with means that stem from its mission
  • Promotion of policies which are related with the connection between Mental Health and the fields of Sport and Physical Exercise at european and national level.
  • Cooperation with other, specialized organizations which are active in the mentioned fields given the fact that only an integrated multidisciplinary holistic approach can deliver the necessary results in the field of Mental Health.

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