Montepacini is a “HUB” for social experimentation located in a rural area of Fermo (Marche Region – Italy):

  • it is a SOCIAL FARM, exploiting agricultural resources to integrate and train vulnerable groups of people (people with mental and  physical disabilities, migrants etc.). Engaging these people into productive activities enhances their rehabilitation, social inclusion and employability. The social farm also contributes to create a community-supported agriculture, connecting the producers and consumers on high quality organic foods.
  • it is a DAILY CENTRE offering  educational, assistive and rehabilitation services  for disabled people with the aim to improve their personal and social skills
  • It is a SUMMER CAMP open to ALL children, based on peer education and devoted to allow young generation to experience nature and animals (pet therapy, hippo-therapy, farm animals, laboratories, vegetable garden)


Montepacini has its own FOOTBAL TEAM named SOCCER DREAM MONTEPACINI, composed of over 30 persons including disabled young people,  their parents, volunteers and young asylum seekers.

On November 2016, it made its debut in the championship promoted by the Italian Sports Centre (CSI).

The team involves  17 young disabled people and 18 volunteers and asylum seeker and, of course, parents who participate with belief and determination.

In Montepacini football is conceived as a means to promote health, social inclusion and inter-cultural dialogue, a key component  for the development of young people , fostering their physical and mental health and building valuable social connections.

It was reported that this sport experience entails long-term benefits for all team’s members, resulting in personal development, physical and mental well-being, individual’s sense of identity and belonging, empowerment, social competences and networks, inter-cultural communication and employability.

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