1st Transnational Meeting of the “European Voluntary Events for Therapy Through Sports” – EVENTS Project.

The 1st Transnational Meeting of EVENTS Project was realized in Athens, Greece, on the 23rd and 24th of November 2017. The partners of MENS project had the chance to meet each other again as they are also participating in its “twin” sibling, the main outcome of which will be the 1st European Sport & Physical Exercise event for Mental Health that will take place in the greek capital from 7th until 9th  September 2018.

The programme of the event, which was thoroughly discussed during the participants’ meeting, is strongly influenced by the main outcomes of MENS project which is, as a someone could claim, the theoretical side of “Active Living for Mental Health” initiative, while EVENTS would be the practical implementation of this message in the field of the prevention, in the enrichment of therapeutic perceptions and in the handling of stigma.

The 30 representatives of the sending organizations, which come from 14 European countries, had the chance to visit the premises of Alssos Veikou Park in the Municipality of Galatsi, where the sport activities of the first two days of the event will be hosted. They also have the chance to discuss the communication strategy of EVENTS Project so as to find a common ground and the best way to spread EVENTS philosophy.

Let’s keep fighting the good fight and EDRA – as the coordinator of the project –  hope to see you all supporting EVENTS cause so as the Physical Exercise and Sports become a significant and effective factor for holistic intervention in the field of Mental Health.